Pangea Arcade

Pangea Arcade 1.0.7

Three classic arcade games in one


  • Great graphics and sound
  • Three games in one


  • Controls are a bit awkward with Trackpad


Pangea Arcade is an unusual collection of three arcade games: Nucleus, Warheads, and Firefall, all of which are based on classic arcade games.

However, each game has been revamped and modernized for Macs with some pulsating graphics and sound. The games are based on Missile Command, Centipede and Asteroids.

The 3D graphics on all the games are impressive although the gameplay doesn't quite matchup.

The controls are a bit awkward in Missile Command which makes it hard to play for more than a few minutes without getting frustrated.

It's also not particularly well suited to controlling with a Trackpad. The developers even claim that with red and blue glasses, you can play the games in 3D mode although I was unable to verify how this actually looks.

Pangea Arcade is free from the Mac App Store for a limited time (normally $4.99).


  • Pangea Arcade is free from the Mac App Store for a limited time (normally $4.99).

Pangea Arcade is a collection of three games: Nucleus, Warheads, and Firefall. All three are action arcade games based on arcade classics that have been beefed up to the extreme with incredible graphics and sound, and have lots of new gameplay elements that make these twitch-games some of the most fun games Pangea Software has ever produced.

Pangea Arcade


Pangea Arcade 1.0.7

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